Warp & Fold

Welcome to the 2021 Book Arts Thesis Exhibition, Warp & Fold. Three graduating MFA students in the Book Arts Program at the University of Alabama (Kasey Grealis, Sarah Scarr, and Christina Lilly) have joined forces in this dark and plague-ridden time to fulfill their graduation requirements with technological style. Thus, in compliance with Covid-19 health and safety guidelines, this is a virtual space rather than the usual in-person exhibition. As such, you may peruse our virtual gallery walk-through and then click on the featured artists’ pages to see close-ups of the works on display, handling videos, and artist statements. 

Each of the three pieces on display was made under the duress of the pandemic, each of these artists has responded to their situation in magnificently different ways, and each has likewise approached the idea of “the book” differently. 

Under Kasey Grealis, you’ll find I Hope This Finds You, a multi-layered installation created by Grey Arrow Press mixing poetry, multi-generational memories, and ethereal handmade paper. 

Christina Lilly’s page is home to Somniphobia, a book about anxiety whose text is literally woven into its form. This blanket of words is accompanied by a pamphlet, both letterpress printed, and housed in a steamer-trunk like box.

Sarah Scarr, AKA Two Trick Pony Press and Bindery, has contributed an escape from dreary, isolation: a vacation to the mind of author/illustrator Sophie Strohmeier, whose cinephilic, erotic story “Gay and Lesbian Studies” has translated into a case-bound, letterpress printed codex complete with pops of lime goatskin leather.

We hope this exhibition resonates with a feeling, mood, or desire you too experienced during this past year. 

-Kasey Grealis, Sarah Scarr, & Christina Lilly

Want to learn more about Kasey, Sarah, and Christina’s journies creating their theses? Join us on Zoom March 26th from 2-5pm central for our public presentations hosted by the University of Alabama MFA Book Arts Program. Email warpandfold@gmail.com for the zoom link.