Kasey Grealis

Grey Arrow Press

I Hope This Finds You

Artist Statement

    I Hope This Finds You
          I hope This installation draws you in.
    I hope you see the myriad of voices and find your own. I hope you help
                       someone else find theirs.
          I Hope This Finds You is a diary of my childhood,
          an exasperated and thoughtful poem, and a plea to the viewer use their own
     sorrow in defense of compassion.
This was a struggle and a process and I hope it               finds you.

Artist Bio

Kasey Grealis is a book maker, printer, and paper maker from Chicago, Illinois. From 2016-2017, Kasey worked as a preservation assistant at Florida State University’s Rare Books Library. During her time in Tallahassee, she also worked as an intern and assistant at Small Craft Advisory Press. While she was there she contributed to artist’s books like VVVVV, A Guide to Florida, and Flashpoint. She received her BFA from Florida State University in 2017 where she focused in printmaking and book arts. During the summer of 2019 she interned at Well’s College in Aurora, New York as a teaching assistant for Sarah Bryant’s class The Long Stitch: Form, Function, Experimentation. Kasey is currently pursuing her MFA in Book Arts at The University of Alabama where she has worked under the press names Grey Pennie Press (2017-2018) and Grey Arrow Press (2020-present).

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